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Industrial centrifuges separates fluid or particles using centrifugal force. The ability to separate the liquid and solid components of highly complex, high-value processing streams – and to do so with meticulous control, low cost and high reliability – requires centrifuge technology that is second to none. We have been building centrifuges which combine high separating efficiencies, clarifying efficiencies and throughput capacities with maximum savings in terms of energy, water and disposal costs. 

Our industrial centrifuges are used in many classifying applications, to achieve accurate solid/liquid separation for a range of industries. They are an economical and efficient solution for solid-liquid separation of large quantities of solids to low final moistures in fast cycle times.


  • Simple design.

  • Use of high-grade stainless steel for all parts that come into contact with the process, in order to avoid any risk of corrosion. 

  • Flexible adaptation for difficult to filter products.

  • Lossless filter cake discharge.

  • Gentle solids discharge without particle destruction.

  • Automatic CIP cleaning.

  • Ease of accessibility to all parts in contact with the product.

  • Excellent washing and extraction effect.

  • Variety of standard options and system accessories allow customers to tailor a machine for specific applications and facility requirements, all competitively priced.

  • MOC: Stainless Steel, Hastelloy etc.

  • Polymer Coating : Halar(ECTFE) coating, Teflon (PFA) coating etc. Click here for further details on the polymer coating.

Manual Top Discharge Centrifuge

Manual Top Discharge Centrifuges are cost effective and can be easily adapted to product characteristics, making them suitable for a wide variety of products in small to large batches, even those that are difficult to filter.

Design Variations Available​

  • Half Lid Opening

  • Full Lid Opening

Note: For any specific requirement for customization please feel free to contact us.

Bag Lifting Basket Centrifuge

This Bag Lifting Basket Centrifuge utilizes a split rotor and allows the the filter bag to be lifted and emptied using overhead equipment. This style of centrifuge is very efficient harvesting large volumes solids with size greater than .01mm.

Design Variations Available

  • Full Body Opening (Hydraulic / Pneumatic)

  • Full Lid Opening (Hydraulic / Pneumatic)

Note: For any specific requirement for customization please feel free to contact us.


Air Lock System

This system ensures that the door or lid cannot be opened while the basket or bowl is still rotating.

Zero Speed Interlock

This system ensures safety by locking the top lid, while the basket is rotating and unlocks only after the basket comes to a halt, with help of pneumatic cylinders. 


Proximity Sensor

This safety interlocking mechanism ensures that the motor does not start until the top door is closed and the motor power is disconnected once the door is opened.

Vibration Tripper

Shuts off electrical flow when the Centrifuge vibrates excessively.

Limit Switch

The Limit switch automatically cuts off the current to the motor when the mechanical position of the door, triggers the limit switch.

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